Why Choose Us

Many companies provide components of landscaping services. Some sell plants, others mow grass, some install water features, and other spread mulch. Certainly, some of these companies do a decent job on a project basis, but yet it’s just a task and then on to the next one. It is not their mission or their livelihood to envision your landscape at its full potential, to increase the value of your property, or to develop a long-term relationship with you as a client. And although you may invest in a costly project, they may not be around the next time you call them, because their employees come and go, and many times, so do these types of businesses.

Custom Lawn Care is different…and that’s the single reason we have stood the test of time. We are in this business for the long haul, offering a full range of landscaping products and services to a client base that values quality work and professionalism.

Yes, we can work on projects too. But we are uniquely prepared to do much more. We are experts in landscape design, construction, and maintenance. We invest in the talent and the equipment to create and maintain landscapes that mirror the lifestyles and unique tastes of discriminating clients while adding distinction and value to their properties.

Our landscape designers integrate the natural beauty of plants, stone pavers and walls, water features and outdoor illumination with the elevation of your home and the natural terrain of your property. They use color, texture, and innovative designs to make your landscape an expression of your individuality and your good taste.

We are committed on a daily basis to fulfilling our mission, “to establish beautiful landscapes for our clients, surpass their expectations, and develop long-lasting, working relationships with every client.”


Making Knoxville beautiful, one lawn at a time, for over 20 years.